Steve Moxon
 Interview with World Muaythai Magazine

Discovering his interest in Muaythai at the age of 19, he now holds multiple titles with an impressive fight record.

Now 22, Moxon has come a long way in a short time, he fights with a no fear confidence, he is a natural, his ability and dedication will see more to come as he pushes his limits to become a better fighter.

Fight Name: ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Moxon
Trainers: Peter ‘The Chief Graham
and Tony ‘The Doc’ Daou
Gym: Boxing Works Sydney City
Location: Sydney
Record: 16W-lL-7KO
Weight: 67-72kgs
Height: 169cm
Age: 22
Sponsors: Australian Sports Nutrition, !sec Security, Recreation Health Club Caroline Springs, Sopranos Pizza, Bacchus Marsh and Big Joe.

Hello Steve, thank you for talking to WMM and sharing your thoughts with our readers..
Thanks for having me. Much appreciated.
Steve, can you tell us about your background?
I’m a cabinet maker and joiner by trade, also a fully qualified private infantry SOldier in the Australian Army. And in most recent times, teaching kick boxing, kids fitness and personal training.

How did you first connect with Muaythai?
Just through a mend aIbout four years ago, who said come and gwe ~ a go. Before that Never give upl

Do you still remember your training session?
(Laughs) My first training session was interesting, first I didn’t even know what foot to ” put in front and I was pretty nervous.

And your first fight?
I’ll never forget my first fight! I walked into the gym at 90kgs and fought eight months later at 72kgs. My poor mother nearly fainted, because she never even seen me train before. I fought Onur Yudical, he was a big Turkish guy who looked reacly to rip my head off. I held my breath the whole first two rounds. I gassed out. Then remembered to breathe in the third and won by TKO.

What advice would you give someone before their first amateur fight?
It would have to be to remember to breath, keep your hands up at all times. Throw combinations. And the fight is the easy part compared to all the hard training.

What inspires you when you get in the ring?
The atmosphere, the adrenaline rush and gettng to the top.
How does your trainers/management playa role in your success?
Since being asked by Peter Graham and Tony Daou to move to Sydney for full time
management and training, ~ wasachanceIcculdn’t passup. SincethemoveI’vehad
more success than ever, fought on big shows in Melbourne, Queensland. New Zealand
and ThaIland. I travel two hours each way for training every day, so I’m very c1etermined
to gWe ~ my all. And get to the top.

You have said your fight against Tass Tsitsiras (March 2(09) in which you won by
TKO, is you most memorable to date, Why?
First of all it was Mothers Day and I had my mum (Anna) lead me out to the
ring holding my belts. The fight was a war, we hit each other with everything
except the kitchen sink. The crowd was going crazy, it felt like a rocky movie.
I won by TKO in the last round, and all I have heard since is nothing but excuses
as to why he lost. So I’m looking forward to our rematch mid this year, to settle ~
once again.

How would you best describe your fight show entry?
Well come out dancing to Michael Jacksons, “The way you make me feel.” I’ve been practicing some more moves for my entry, so stay tuned. (Laughs)

At Boxing Works you recently trained alongside UFC 110 fighters Wanderlei Silva and Antonio Rogerlo Nogueira, for a week prior to their fight, can you share how that was?
It was great to have big name fighter in the gym such as Nogueira and Silva, and they Wefereallyniceguys. Onething Igot fromwatching the guys train is, they were human and got tired like the rest of us, and to be honest, none of them had very good stand up, but ~ was amazing to watch them practice ground work, especially Nogueira.
What is your favourite technique?

I love jumping knees and the super man punch, but nothing is better than beating someone with really good basic techniques and combinations.

Is there anyone in particular you would like to fight?
As everyone knows I’m willing to fight anyone and will never back away from a fight. In Australia there are many good fighters. I would love to be matched with such as; Jason Scerri, Frank Georgi and internationally the likes of lambidis and Gago Drago.

What qualities do you say makes a top fighter?
Being mentally strong and well prepared. Having se~ belief and confidence in what you want to achieve.

Can you finish this sentence -A fighter’s heart to me is?
Someone who firstly has the balls to get in the ring and win, lose or draw…

You recently fought on Enfusion, hosted by Superpro in ThaHand, talk us through the Enfusion experience?
Being asked to represent Australia in the Enfusion television reality fight show was great, and being surrounded by 17 of the best fighters from allover the world was just awesome. I made a lot of friends and got to Iwe, train and party withh a great bunch of guys.

You fought against Pasi Luukkanen from Finland for a marginal loss by points, can you talk us through your fight?
Pasi was a very tough fighter w~h over 70 fights, This was my first ever loss, and a great learning experience, I had a good prep leading up to my fight, except I cut 9kgs in two days before the fight and got gassed very quick in the fight. It was an exciting fight we stood toe to toe swinging until the end.

The hospitality in Samui was?
Super Pro gym in Samui was a perfect setting for the show, and it was great being treated like a celebrity, we did a lot of fun activities and hung out at the most amazing resorts. The Thai peeple are just so caring and easy going.

Are you still teaching at Boxing Works?
I’m also teaching at boxing works, doing cardia classes and personal training.

What are the most common injuries you see during training?
I’ve been fortunate with injuries, apart from the normal bumps and bruises, but I tend
to see a lot of guys and girls over train and not rest there sore body parts, if I have sore
shoulders, I will concentrate on my legs, that’s the beauty of the sport.
What can individuals who are interested in learning Muaythai do to prepare them physically?

My best tip would be, get to the gym as much as you can, do lots of pad work and sparring. And most of all get outside and go for a run. It helps you prepare mentally and helps a lot with your breathing come fight time.

So, we can see you next to be teaching Zumba dance classes?
(Laughs) Good observation of my face book. (yes, random post, made me laugh.) Well I’m up for anything. I love to dance and have fun. And have you seen the girls on the ad -That’s all have to say. (Laughs)

How do you think the Muaythai scene is progressing in Australia?
I think it’s more popular than ever, especially K1 rules, because it’s two people fighting nonstop with very little grapple and it’s exciting to watch with lots of blood and knock outs.

Is there anything you would like to say in closing?
Firstly, thank you for the opportunity to feature in WMM. I’m looking forward to a big year and fighting for many years to come. And achieve my goals of winning a world title and getting to the K1 max. If there are any promoters that want me on their shows K1 Kickboxing or Pro Boxing. Please contact Tony at Athletic Entertainment Group on 0410610691.

By John Tozeland
World Muay Thai Magazine
Issue 8 2010

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