20 Questions – International Kickboxer


  1. What would you be doing if you weren’t a fighter?
    Still working all day doing cabinetmaking with dangerous tools.
  2. Do you have any superstitions when fighting?
    Surprisingly, no. It’s all about self-belief.
  3. What is a surprising fact about you?
    I’m missing the tip of my right index finger. Got it caught in an electric wood planer. Ouch!
  4. How would someone close to you describe you?
    I’m brutal in the ring, but a big softie out of the ring. [Laughs] Totally not true but my girlfriend thinks so!
  5. What is one thing you are good at (apart from fighting)?
    Cooking and playing table tennis.
  6. Favourite fighter?
    Mike Tyson. He was always the smaller fighter, but so explosive, powerful and dangerous.
  7. Favourite food?
    Chicken with Masterfoods BBQ sauce.
  8. Favourite drink?
    Lemon, lime and bitters with Vodka
  9. Favourite tunes?
    R’n’B and country.
  10. Favourite TV show?
    I watch a lot of TV. Crime channel, sports and random reality shows like Jerseylicious.
  11. Favourite movie?
    The Castle.
  12. Dream girl?
    My girlfriend Kellie Dean, oh, and Jennifer Aniston. Shhh.
  13. Dream wheels?
    Black Lamborghini Diablo.
  14. Dream bout?
    Zambidis, Drago, JWP
  15. What can’t you stand?
    Being tickled.
  16. Best fight memory?
    After fighting in China in Dec 2010, all fighters and trainers having a drink and laughing together in the hotel restaurant.
    Great memories.
  17. Biggest/best break you ever got?
    Represented Australia in the 2010 Enfusion Fight series. Filmed in Koh Samui, Thailand. I got to train and fight against some of the worlds best. I experienced my first ever loss on the show but learnt so much.
  18. In 10 years I’ll be…
    Teaching kids kickboxing and have a kid or two of my own.
  19. What piece of advice would you give to an up and coming fighter?
    The fight is the easy part. Get to the gym day in and day out. Put in 100 per cent every session and surround yourself with positive people.
    It’s okay to make mistakes along the way.

20 Questions from the forum.

  1. Who is the one fighter you would like to fight and why? – Boydy83
    When I first started fighting everyone said you should check out Mike Zambidis, he is short and knocks everyone out. So I started studying him. Now, I think I have what it takes to
    beat him. I’m hoping to arrange a fight against Zambidis in 2012.
  2. Which is better: Sydney or Melbourne? – DazMon
    The shopping is much better in Melbourne, but the weather is better in Sydney.
  3. What has been your biggest win to date? – spano
    Knocking out Bruce Macfie is probably the most prestigious win. But beating Masayuki Kanmun Segara in the 2010 K-1 Oceania. He was a 6′ 2″ southpaw, Japanese champ
    who was brought over by the K-1 to beat me. They even had a laugh between themselves
    when they seen how short I was at the weigh-ins. But I got the last laugh.
  4. Who would you like to fight? – kocho
    In Australia: JWP… Internationally Zambo, Drago.
  5. You hold the pads now at Boxing Works. Has being a trainer helped you as a fighter? – Steve P
    Holding pads and guiding amateur fighters definitely helps me a lot. It makes me study and be up-to-date and also makes me realise what I can improve on.
  6. You are normally the shortest guy in your fights, what have you learned about how to fight an opponent with reach advantage? – Steve P
    I use it to my advantage. It’s all about being fast, powerful and creating angles.
  7. Other fighters that have a similar body type and fight style to you are Zambidis and Longinidis. Have you studied them? – Steve P
    Yes, both my idols. Both explosive and have KO power combos.
  8. Do you have any ambitions for boxing? – jbourke
    Yes, I feel with the right training and attitude, in time I can make it to the top of the table in
    Aussie boxing. Kickboxers can make good boxers too.
  9. Which do you consider your toughest fight to date? – Wiseyoda
    Jordan Tai, Rematch for the Pro South Pacific title. He rocked me a few times, but I kept pushing forward and got the points win.
  10. What are your goals now that K-1 looks dead? Any interest in Its Showtime!? – JBig
    K-1 will never die, but stay tuned for some big things with me and It’s Showtime! in the near future.
  11. What is a typical training session for you? – Vinny
    Leading up to a fight I run in the morning and do some sports specific strength work.
    Then in the arvo I skip and shadowbox before pads or sparring.
  12. How about a bout against Josh Scida? – Bruce
    [Laughs] Bring it on!
  13. Is Wes Capper someone you’d like to fight? – martinOO7
    This fight is happening. 17 March 2012 Capital Punishment 5 in Canberra. This is going to be the biggest fight of the year in Oz.
  14. Is it true you once lost a fight with a carpark boom gate?- nick stone
    [Laughs) Well yes, Nick, this is true. Thanks for bringing that up.
  15. Are you sick of people asking you to fight FTR? – Avery
    Good question mate. I’m a kickboxer. I meet people halfway ‘mod Thai’ to get a fight. I don’t twist their arm to fight me. I don’t train elbows. I hope this puts it to rest.
  16. Have you thought about MMA?-KL
    My body shape suits MMA; I even do some wrestling for cross fitness training.
    But my mum would kill me if I fought MMA [laughs).
  17. What were the influencing factors on settling with the gym you are at? – Sushi
    Greater opportunities offered to me. And now I also work there full time. Boxing Works is
    a great gym. Full of awesome trainers and training partners.
  18. Thoughts on fighting Dzabar or Zambidis? – Cedric
    I’m hoping both these fights will happen in the near future.
  19. How do you get around that dangerous middle ground going from outside to inside? – Steve P
    Another great question. It has taken me a long time to learn and adapt to finding the right range for me in fights. When I spar similar size opponents in the lead up to a fight, I find that helps a lot. The more I stay on my toes and move my head, I’m at less risk.
  20. Would you come to WA for a main event fight? – martinOO7
    I’ve never fought in WA. I would love to fight there.
    Lets make it happen!

Interntional Kickboxer
January/February 2012

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